Loveladies, NJ

The crown jewel of Long Beach Island.

Everyone has a variety of beaches to choose from in Loveladies.  People can access the beaches from four different points off Long Beach Boulevard, which makes every trip to the beach easy any day of the week.  Every person will have their favorite spot on the beach, whether it is closer to Dolphin Lane, Seashell Lane, Coast Avenue, or Loveladies Lane.  Whichever it is, doesn’t matter, as long as everyone has fun in the sun, the sand, and the water!

Surfing is a popular sport in Loveladies, and you will be amazed at how often you can catch the perfect wave.

Catching your own dinner is as easy as baiting your hook and reeling in a fish or two.  People love fishing on the waters around here and it is common to see groups fishing together as they pass the lazy days of summer.

Everyone is quite friendly in this town, and after awhile it seems that you will know the names of each person that you see.  New friends will soon become old acquaintances and you will feel that you have known them for a lifetime.

If you love tennis, consider joining the phenomenal Loveladies Tennis Club!  This private tennis club has amazing clay courts and membership includes unlimited play as well the ability to participate in many events.

Every year, everyone anxiously awaits the LBIF Fine Art Festival in July.  People can be seen wandering around as they view beautiful pieces of art that has been created by local, regional, and national artisans.  Everyone leaves with a new work of art for their home and office as well as some new friends!

Loveladies might be small, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to day trips to magnificent and intriguing destinations.