Homes Styled by Louis Shaw

Vacation in style with Style Vacation Homes by Louis Shaw. Find a home that will accommodate your needs without having to compromise on quality and decor. Here at Style Vacation Homes, we represent a wide range of homes, from small condos to larger multi-family homes. All of our homes are designed and maintained to assure a high level of style and quality. At Style Vacation Homes, we monitor the quality of all the homes we represent.

At Style Vacation Homes, our interior design firm, Louis Shaw Designs, assists the owners in creating beautiful and comfortable living spaces for their guests. From the color scheme to the quality of furnishings and bedding, our homes are designed to appeal to the most discriminating guests. The properties showcased on Style Vacation Homes must meet our luxury vacation rental guidelines.

Our professionals inspect the homes periodically to verify that the level of quality corresponds with the current sun rating. The owners are responsible to maintain their homes in accordance with the guidelines that we provide. If a home fails to provide the necessary amenities or d├ęcor, we will evaluate the home to reestablish the appropriate sun rating, and rental rates will be adjusted accordingly. If you arrive at a home and find that it does not meet the specifications on our website, we will work with the owner to correct any issues with the home. We will do whatever we can to make your stay more enjoyable.