Style Vacation Homes has been managing and working with me to redesign our home for the past 4 years. I am thrilled with not only their management division but also with and their design staff. We purchased the home approximately 10 years ago and have always used it as rental income. It is located 2nd from the beach so prior to using Style Vacation Homes, I did have some rentals but they were sporadic and had few repeat renters. The weekly income from the rentals was low and instead of increasing year after year, it was decreasing.

We had been using several other agencies to rent the property and we still did not have the house rented for the season. When I began using Style Vacation Homes services, I did not give them an exclusive right to rent my home mainly because the other 4 or 5 agencies combined could not rent the property for the season and I was leery of having one agency manage the property. I thought that I would have even less renters than the year prior. Also, I was also hesitant to follow their design modification suggestions to attract quality renters and tried to continue to rent the property with little change.

Even without the design changes, it was becoming clear that Style Vacation Homes was working hard and was consistently renting more weeks than the 4 or 5 other agencies combined but the property still did not rent for the season or at a rate that was comparable to other homes in the area. I still was not a believer that the suggested changes, some very simple, would make a difference. I admit that I was hesitant to follow their suggestions but knew that if I did nothing, the rental income would never reach its peak. I began to follow simple design changes that were suggested and was surprised to see that the renters comments on the upgrades.

I leave a diary for all of my renters and ask them to tell me what they liked and did not like about the house so that I can improve it for the following year. I began to use their design team for larger projects and whatever project Style designed for our home was a hit with my renters. They began rebooking for the next year as soon as their vacation week was over and looked forward to my next renovation project for the following year.

I found Style's suggestions for improvement to be on target with what most renters were looking for in a beach house. They redesigned my living room, kitchen and created a wonderful master bedroom that I wish I had in my own home. I have to say that the transformation of the master suite on the third floor of my home, which was Style's first suggestion that I did not follow until last year, is spectacular. More importantly, for the first time in 10 years, my home rented for the entire rental season at a price increase of more than 33% . Needles to say, Style Vacation Homes exclusively manages my rentals and they are in the process of designing a new bathroom and laundry room for next year.

I highly recommend Style Vacation Homes to any home owner who wants to reach their home's rental potential. Just look at the history of the rentals and the transformation of our home from a tired looking house to a beautiful updated beach home that attracts quality renters.

Marcella W.
Property #100105

Louis Shaw made my life so much easier, while making my rental properties so much more profitable! I have several rental homes in Long Beach Island, Florida, and Cape Cod.

Two years ago, I decided to hire Louis Shaw to manage my properties, and what a difference! The owner, Louis Shaw, is very personable, and has a hands-on approach to managing properties. He made it a priority to seek quality tenants to rent my homes, and at the same time, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the quality of my homes to attract the best tenants.

Louis Shaw has fully booked my properties for the past two years, and I have even been successful with off-season rentals. And the best part is that they manage everything about the property, including tenant- related issues. I can finally relax during the rental season, and know that my properties, and the tenants who visit them, are in good hands.

I couldn’t recommend Louis Shaw more highly for managing, booking, and even designing of vacation properties. They specialize in all of the above, and it shows!

David H.
Properties #100102, 100101, 100104, 100108

Louis Shaw has managed my vacation property since 2007. I can't find enough accolades for Lewis Shaw's service. When I was interviewing local agents to rent my property it was apparent that all they wanted to do was to hang my key along with all the other houses they rented. Since I was new to vacation rentals I needed someone to take more than a passing interest. I could not even get agents to come and see the property. When I asked about listing the property on the Internet there was an extra charge and when I looked at the existing sites they were designed for home sales not vacation listings.

The Louis Shaw team came to my home and helped me put together a property that was what people were looking for and had the amenities that people wanted. The web site and photos are very well done and represent the property in its best possible light. The results are that my vacation home is always rented.

I am very pleased and my renters are happy too thanks to Louis Shaw. Their attention to detail, willingness to work with people and knowledge of the business is a combination that keeps the vacation rental experience a good one for us all.

Lucile G.
North Beach, NJ
Property #100106

I have been delightedly been employing the services of Louis Shaw since 2006. Beyond their capabilities of providing you with top-notch property management and worry-free rental fulfillment, is the assurance that they are going the extra mile in making sure my home is presented in the finest way to draw excellent clientele. Louis Shaw, Owner, is beyond compare when it comes to seeing the potential a home has. His approach to home design is not pretentious or exaggerated. Whether you are redecorating an entire home or just one room, his advice and direction are invaluable. It is truly a pleasure to spend time in a home that has had his touch and from the written responses I have gotten from my tenants, I can assure you, they feel the same way! I am definitely an advocate of Louis Shaw and highly recommend them in any capacity they may serve you. Sharon D. Long Beach Island, NJ. Louis Shaw has my permission to use this testimonial.

Sharon B
Long Beach Island, NJ