Traveler FAQs

Q. How can I pay for my reservation?

Reservations are confirmed with a cashier’s check or by Paypal (fees apply). Some homeowners may accept a wire transfer. Ask one of our vacation specialists which form of payment is accepted by the homeowner.

Q. How do I cancel my reservation?

Each homeowner has a cancellation policy included in the house rules and rental agreement. Please be sure to read the rental agreement carefully. Any cancellation request must be sent to SVH in writing via email or mail.

Q. Can my reservation be cancelled by Style Vacation Homes?

Reservations may be cancelled when...

  • • Any payment has not been received by the due date as set forth in your payment schedule on your rental agreement
  • • The contract has not been electronically signed and a wet signature submitted (where applicable)
  • • You do not provide the requested photo identification
  • • You have falsely represented yourself, the details on your group, or the age and occupancy information

Q. Can I bring an extra guest?

You must notify SVH if there is a change in the number of persons that will be staying in the home at any given time during your vacation. In some cases, the homeowners have a very strict occupancy policy that is established by the County and/or City Vacation Home Rental Association. You should be aware that your security deposit could be impacted by not adhering to the occupancy policy.

Q. Can I check in earlier or leave later than the time set forth on my rental agreement?

Check-in and check-out times are provided in your rental agreement. The homeowner has a team of people who service the home before your arrival and after your departure. They are scheduled in advance and must adhere to their calendars to accommodate other properties; therefore, it is extremely important that you adhere to check-in and check-out times to allow the service providers access to the home. If you require different arrival or departure times, you must contact SVH for approval. Any guest who arrives at a home early or checks out late may be subjected to additional fees.

Q. Can I extend my stay?

If you wish to extend your stay, you must submit a written request to SVH. Depending on the calendar and home maintenance schedule, the home may be available for the additional time. The rate for a late check-out varies by property and is based on each individual homeowner’s pricing.