Peahala Park, NJ

Tranquil and serene, perfect for lazy and relaxing days.

Peahala Park may not be large, but everyone enjoys the peace and quiet that comes with such a small community.  In fact, on most days, people can be found lounging on the beach or swimming in the water without a care in the world.

There are plenty of sandbars for people to wander out to and then sit on as the waves wash up on over them.  Children love it when they can sit in the middle of the ocean and experience this, because it makes them feel much bigger than they are!

Anyone with a little more ambition, will take advantage of the waves and do some surfing.  After all, no one wants to waste the perfect wave when they are rolling in!

Fishing is a favorite pastime in Peahala Park, because it can be done quietly at any hour of the day.  Some people venture out towards the water early in the morning as the sun is rising in the sky, while others will wait until later in the day after their nap.  There are no rules of when things need to be done in Peahala Park, as long as everyone is having a great time!

Some people cannot get enough of the ocean water, and while swimming and surfing are great activities, nothing beats paddle boarding.  Everyone can rent a paddleboard and spend as much time conquering the water with the waves as they wish.  It is quite the adventure and really gets a person’s heart pumping!

Beach Avenue is the perfect spot for a morning walk or jog and an even better place for a leisurely evening stroll.  Grab an ice cream cone from the house and eat it along the way!

A few other small towns are not too far of a drive away, and they all offer amazing boutiques and fabulous restaurants for the ultimate dining experience.