Ship Bottom, NJ

The gateway to the island.

Ship Bottom is one of the most convenient places on Long Beach Island, as it is centrally located, and it is right at the foot of the bridge that leads onto the island.  That means that you will have quite a bit of flexibility when you are in the area.

Sports are quite popular in Ship Bottom and people can be seen playing baseball, shuffleboard, tennis, horseshoes, bocce ball, and more.  Of course, there is plenty of water around and that means opportunities for jet skiing and boating.

Sitting in a chair in the sand at the beach is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and hundreds of people can be seen doing this on a daily basis.  You may want to do this yourself if you are not one that loves water sports.

Walking along the boardwalks at the Ship Bottom Waterfront Park and the Fishing and Crabbing Pier is a fantastic way to get some fresh air and exercise while spending time in nature.  You will meet new people during your walk and see some wildlife at the same time.

The scenic bay walk at the 4th Street Remembrance Park is another fabulous place to take a stroll, especially early in the morning as the sun is beginning to rise in the sky.  The gardens in this area are beautiful and you can pay your respects to the victims of 9/11 when you are there.

Two of the best stores to shop at in Ship Bottom are the B & B Department Store South and Coconuts.

When it comes to eating out in Ship Bottom, there is a plethora of choices.  However, the best restaurants include the Sand Box Café, Ship Bottom Shellfish, and Bisque Restaurant.

If you’re craving a delicious donut, then you really need to head on over to Shore Good Donuts where they welcome everyone, swimsuits, sand, and all.  Their donuts are served warm with one icing and one topping on each and you are not going to be able to stop with just one.  Don’t even try!

The party is always just beginning in Ship Bottom with all the festivals, but the most popular seem to be the Irish Festival, the Kite Festival, and the Christmas Parade.