Surf City, NJ

Where the tides change with the seasons.

Everyone will love being able to experience both the bay and the ocean when they are on this spectacular island.

People always enjoy walking along any section of the shoreline as they look out over the water towards the horizon and dreaming of the next time they can ride out towards it in a boat.
There are two different beaches in Surf City, and everyone will have fun at either one of them. People can choose to sit and relax in the warm white sand, or they can go swimming in the water before building massive sandcastles. Anyone who is a little more ambitious will want to catch a wave or two in the flagged surfing area.

Everyone will love strolling down the streets as they wander in and out of the numerous boutiques looking for gifts and little mementos. People can always be seen inside Wink, Wandering Soul, and the Good Life Boutique.

The arts are quite popular in Surf City, and people will love venturing from one art gallery to another as they view fascinating art work. One gallery displays photographs while others have canvases or pottery on exhibit. A couple of the favorite galleries include MT Burton Gallery, Ann Coen Gallery, and Firefly.

Grabbing some local cuisine is simple at many restaurants in Surf City, but Yellowfin and Boulevard Clams are both highly recommended for their seafood dishes.
When it comes to breakfast, everyone will want to head over to The Sand Box Café Surf City. People might be tempted to stick with their buttermilk pancakes, but everyone must try their delicious parmesan baked eggs and fresh fruit filled crepes.

During the hot summer months, there is nothing better than a nice cold treat, and Surf City has quite the supply of ice cream shops. You will love Grannie Annie’s Ice Cream Café, The Big Dipper, and Surf City Rita’s, and it is recommended that you try them all.