Listing Agreement

By placing your Property with Louis Shaw LLC d/b/a Style Vacation Homes (referred to as “SVH”) and using SVH’s marketing and advertising services and the SVH Web site, Homeowner (referred to as “Owner”) agrees to the following:

WHEREAS, Louis Shaw LLC d/b/a Style Vacation Homes (SVH) has knowledge and abilities relating to the advertisement, marketing, and assistance with providing Owner with a selection of appropriate vacationers for the Property; WHEREAS, on the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract, the Owner desires to engage SVH and SVH desires to be so engaged to perform certain marketing and consultancy services as described herein on behalf of the Owner. NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, do hereby agree to:

  1. 1. Scope of Appointment.
    Owner hereby engages LOUIS SHAW, LLC d/b/a Style Vacation Homes to showcase his home for procuring vacationers for the property with the powers and duties more specifically outlined in Section 2 hereinafter under a Premium Agreement on LOUIS SHAW, LLC web site. SVH may engage in business activities that compete directly or indirectly with the business of the Owner by acting as an advertising and marketing manager for owners of other properties located in the same geographical area as the property of the Owner.
  2. 2. Duties and Responsibilities of SVH.
    As to the property, SVH shall undertake the following actions on behalf of the Owner:
    • Become familiar with the property, their features, and amenities;
    • Showcase the property through such media as SVH determines to be appropriate including but not limited to web sites readily accessible to potential vacationers of the property;
    • Process vacationer applications
    • Advertise the terms and conditions of Owner’s house rules for the property to potential vacationers;
    • Maintain communication and manage vacationer-related issues before they travel, as well as during and after the dates of travel to monitor vacationer’s satisfaction.
  3. 3.Premium Showcase
    SVH will absorb general costs for marketing the home including, but not limited to, using a showcase on the website, Internet tools, and other advertising to produce interested vacationers. SVH will also send any overflow from other properties advertised or featured on the web site to the client's property based on availability. Premium showcase requires that Owner opens their calendar to offer no less than 80% of the available dates for the property. When Owner lists multiple properties, owner agrees that the said 80% will be made available per property. If Owner violates the 80% rule, Owner is required to reimburse SVH for all advertising costs and fees related to advertising on the web site. Premium Showcase Included Services:
    • Professional staging and photographs of your home
    • Internet advertising on multiple vacation channels
    • Luxury vacation guidelines
    • Assistance for site users 7 days a week
    • Qualifying of vacationers in accordance with your requirements
    • Private owner portal to review reservations and reports
    • Management of vacationer-related issues before, during, and after travel to monitor satisfaction
    • One Free Home Design Consultation
    • Discounted interior design services
    • Trade discounts for furniture and upholstery
  4. 4. Website Design, Maintenance, and Ownership.
    SVH partners with multiple marketing channels and will consult, design, and establish a website presence to serve as a marketing tool for the property. SVH shall bear the cost of design, establishment, and maintenance of any such website. SVH will have the sole rights to any content created and provided for marketing efforts. SVH will market the home using several marketing methods, including the website, Internet tools, and other advertising to potential vacationers Some web channels, including the SVH web site, may require a Tax ID number and W-9 on file for each property for the purpose of securing payment through credit cards. Owner is required to submit to SVH a current W-9 Form including a Tax ID number to satisfy this requirement.
  5. 5. Administrative Direction.
    SVH shall conduct activities under the direction of the Owner.
  6. 6. Limitation on Authority.
    SVH shall hold himself out to vacationers and potential vacationers and all others with whom he encounters in the performance of his duties hereunder only as an advertising and marketing representative of the Owner. Other than as specifically provided herein, SVH shall have no authority to enter or bind the Owner with respect to any other transaction.
  7. 7. Indemnification.
    Owner understands and acknowledges that the contract that will be created for each vacation is strictly between the Home Owner and the Vacationer. Owner acknowledges that Louis Shaw, LLC is available to assists the guest with the reservation process and, as such, is not responsible for incurring costs for damages or expenses that result from the breach of the contract between Owner and Vacationer or for any damages that occur during Vacationer’s stay. Owner indemnifies and holds SVH harmless against damages, cost, liability, and expense that may arise from Owner’s failure to comply with Owner’s portion of this agreement.
  8. 8. Independent Status of SVH.
    The parties to this agreement are independent contractors and except as specifically provided herein: (i) are not representatives of the other; (ii) shall not have the power to bind the other; and (iii) shall not missate or misrepresent the relationship hereunder.
  9. 9. Governing Law.
    This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of The State of New Jersey.
  10. 10. No Assignment.
    This agreement may not be assigned without the prior written consent of either party.
  11. 11. Proof of Ownership.
    The Owner shall provide proof of ownership of the property that he wishes to advertise on the LOUIS SHAW, LLC website, together with proof of insurance coverage . Items required are: 1) Deed of property or the most recent copy of the mortgage statement. 2) Copy of homeowner’s insurance policy. 3) Copy of the homeowner’s official Government photo ID.
  12. 12. Emergency Services.
    SVH agents are available to assist guests when unable to reach owner. SVH will need to have direct communication with the owner or his designated contact person while the vacationer resides in the home. All emergency situations that arise will be handled by the Owner within a 24-hour period. These emergency services include but are not limited to plumbing, fire, electrical, water, cleaning, and pool service where applicable. (An example of a plumbing emergency that may arise is a backed up/non-functional toilet, which can cause an unsanitary condition on the premises for the vacationers. This kind of situation needs to be rectified immediately, within 1 hour, for a home with one bathroom and 24 hours for a home with more than one bathroom). Owner must inform SVH of travel plans that may affect SVH’s ability to contact Owner. If Owner does not respond or is unable to respond within the period of time set forth in this clause, SVH has permission to make arrangements to rectify the situation on behalf of Owner. Owner agrees to reimburse SVH for any out-of-pocket expenses.
  13. 13. Signage (optional).
    As part of the marketing campaign, at the request of Owner, SVH will provide a professional 4-color, two sided 18” x 24” sign to the Owner to advertise the home and direct potential vacationers to the Owner’s web page.