Homes Styled by Louis Shaw

Style Vacation Homes by Louis Shaw represents a wide range of homes from small condos to larger multi-family homes. Our team specializes in taking the ordinary and transforming it into something truly special. We create homes that excite a guest’s senses. When you enter a Louis Shaw designed home, you are opening yourself up to an inspirational experience. Louis Shaw coordinates personally with each home owner to create the space that fits everyone's needs. All styled homes are designed and maintained to assure a high level of style and quality with an eye towards timeless elegance. Our staff visits the homes to monitor the quality and style of the interior. Under the guidance of SVH, your home will be held at a premium status in an otherwise competitive market.

Today's travelers are looking for more than just a rental​;​ they are looking for a home that inspires.

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In today's competitive market, location and an appropriate number of bedrooms is not enough.

A vacation home needs to feel inviting to a guest and must "live" well. Often, this can be accomplished with the correct color scheme and specific accents. The colors should speak to the feeling that you want your guest to experience in your home. Smart design, combined with a functional space, will lead a guest to choose your home over those that are in direct competition.

Creating homes that evoke a sense of excitement and comfort has been the trademark of Style Vacation Homes. The homes designed by Louis Shaw have increased homeowner's rental profits up to 300%.

If you are building from scratch or looking to renovate your home, Louis will help you create the perfect design to serve you and your guests, while helping to increase property value and maximize rental income.

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